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Fall, 2018 Issue

Featured Article
The Whole Person

By Dr. Ayin Adams

Dr. Ayin Adams

Yes, you are a whole person, and this wholeness has some extremely exciting implications. Because there is always that within you that transcends the parts as well as the problems. 
There is that in you that transcends experiences, which overcomes the world and the human problem. That is the divine dimensions. You have a body, you have emotions, you have a mind that thinks; you have prodding spiritual drives. But there is that of you which is greater than all of these. The you which is more is the master of your body or it can be. The you which is more is the controller of your emotions, or it should be. The you which is more is the director of your mind and will be when you know it.
It’s very startling to realize how much we have become victims of the tyranny of the body; There’s various levels of addictions: from cigarettes, to drugs result from conditions where the demands of the body ride roughshod over the human will. 
The body is a marvelous instrument and certainly deserves the greatest of praise and blessings. Unfortunately, we tend to cater to the body’s needs; it’s every whim, as if this were what life is all about. We live to eat, we’re slightly less aware of where we’re going in life, then what’s for dinner. Now there’s no permanent cure to any of this, without unlearning the error of seeing the physical body as the person. 
You see you are not your body, you have a body, and you are more than your body. The body serves you well as a vehicle for self-expression, but the you that is more than your body is the master of your body. Maybe it hasn’t been a good master, but you can begin to assert that mastery. And that’s what growth is all about. We’re often torn with undisciplined emotions. Emotions tend to rule our lives, make shambles of our experiences, because we have been taught that we’re emotional creatures. And we sometimes admit it: “well that’s just the way I am, I’m a moody person, I’m just emotional.” But you are not your emotions, you have emotions, so you need to dis- identify, see yourself in a more transcendent way. The emotional drives and the whole emotional conduit, this is a marvelous infrastructure of a person of creativity. But it is yours to use, yours to control. 
People who control their emotions rise to high positions, and do tremendously creative things, and yet otherwise, brilliant people, may never achieve success, because they develop dangerous emotional leaks in the boiler. The first step to controlling emotions is knowing that they’re yours to control. Then you must be as alert to the matter of preparing yourself for relationships as a musician is to tuning his instrument before a performance. Things may happen out in the world, but they can have no effect on you unless they happen in you. And if they do, it is because you are permitting them to do so. If the wind blows through your harp and there is dissidence, it is because your instrument is out of tune.  You are never a victim of circumstance, you are never a creature of chance, your life is lived from within-out. You can decide what things are going to be as far as you’re concerned. You can choose your mood. You can choose the level at which you deal with things. You can always do this. Moods are a matter of permitted emotions. Set the tone at which you meet life. Choose your mood, and your emotions will begin to work for you, instead of against you. 


Dr. Ayin Adams teaches Science of Mind principles at Holistically Alive Center at 900 Eha St. Suite 205, Wailuku. Call 808.276.6864. Sunday Worthship Service is held once per month; call for times.

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