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Summer, 2020 Issue

Featured Article
Calling All World Changers To Action!

By Marsha Wald

Marsha Wald

What a delicious time to be alive! I wake up every day with glee because I get to create my day, my way, and it’s all mine! Not long ago this was a fantasy, and as of April 1st it became a reality as a result of the massive universal shift caused by the gift of COVID-19.

In my reality, COVID-19 does not exist as evil. Rather, I see it as a gift and I try to imagine that others see it that way. It seems I might be right because almost every conversation seems to center around the “gift.”

I know others reading this may have mixed emotions because they may not be experiencing the bliss of this shift. I have compassion for people who have lost loved ones and material possessions. I also realize that this time invites us to face the hard lesson of looking at our lives, and we may not like what we see.

Your perception creates your reality. However you are experiencing reality during this time – whether you are in bliss or in the pit – know that this, too, shall pass. Your responsibility during this time is to take care of yourself. You are responsible for how you feel and how you react. You can’t rely on the system. You have to wake up!

Honoring every emotion that you feel is your duty and it makes life easier for those with whom you interact. In checking in with yourself, you are prepared to handle anything that crosses your path and take charge of your reality. Herein lies a “world changer in action!” Imagine if we all do this together.


Marsha Wald is the founder of Art of Living Maui. She has a passion to help people achieve their best by offering workshops and tools that are practical and applicable, such as feng shui, life strategies coaching, Reiki and numerology. Visit


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