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Summer, 2020 Issue

Writers' Guidelines

Maui Vision Magazine welcomes articles written by holistic practitioners and freelance writers whose subject matter is in harmony with our "conscious living" theme. (See article submissions guidelines and writing tips below.) Stories should report on the people, practices, and ideas of the holistic and spiritual renaissance in contemporary society and the impact on personal and community well-being.

We ask that articles be journalistically objective and offer practical information, ideas and suggestions to our readers to enhance their well-being in body, mind and spirit. We discourage articles that are blatantly promotional of products, services or events and we reserve the right to reject them.

When writing, please keep in mind that your article may be read by the general public, so avoid technical or metaphysical terminology that will do more to confuse than enlighten.

We have two article lengths, which also include room for a small photo or illustration. They are:

Column Size: Maximum 325 word count, including the byline, text of article and short biographical and contact information at the end.

Mini-Feature: 590 words in length, including the byline, text of article and short biographical and contact information at the end.

There is no guarantee your article will appear in any specific issue. However, if you have purchased an ad of 1/4 page or larger and have submitted a "Column" length article, or 1/2 page or larger and submitted a "Mini-Feature" length article, we will make a special effort to include both in the same edition, providing your article meets our standards.

Article Submission Guidelines and Writing Tips:

1. Submit articles via e-mail to with an attached Word Document. Articles must be saved in Times Roman and 12 point font. IF and only if you are unable to submit your article in Word Document you may write the article in text within the body of a regular e-mail. Any portions that are highlighted in italics, please place the following coding before and after the italicized portion: [I].

2. Bios at the end of articles should be no more than 50 words consisting of pertinent author history and contact information.

3. Writing Tip: please refer to the following reference books for correct guidelines on punctuation and language usage: The Chicago Manual of Style; The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., E.B. White, Roger Angell; On Writing Well by William Zinsser.

4. Writing Tip: use one space between “periods” ending a sentence and the letter beginning the next.

5. Writing Tip: avoid using excessive italicizing, words within quotes or over capitalization of words throughout a story. This practice distracts the reader and diminishes the quality of writing.

6. Writing Tip: when using quotes, punctuation falls within the quote. Example: “give forth love.” Example: “love.”

Maui Vision Magazine reserves the right to make final editorial decisions on all articles submitted. Know that our edits are made to enhance your articles not to diminish them. Following the Maui Vision Magazine guidelines and acquainting yourself with punctuation and language usage only enhances your expertise and makes your articles readable and enjoyable for the Maui Vision Magazine readership.

Photos: Photos reproduce best at 300 dpi. You can submit as color or black & white and we will convert to our print specifications.

Deadlines: Deadline for Maui Vision Magazine to receive articles is usually the first of the month preceding publication date, i.e., Aug. 1 for the Fall, 2020 edition. If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail, or call 808.669.9091.


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